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Are you a first time home buyer, Self Employed, Home Owner or a Real Estate Investor? Contact us now to get the best hard money financing, private mortgage and best advice for debt consolidation, home renovation, second mortgage, real estate investor financing , business and whatever else you need right now!

At Private Lenders Ontario, our goal is to create a win-win solution where everybody gains financially without taking too much risk. Contact our private mortgage loan team now. You might not be able to qualify for a loan from a traditional lender. Due to stringent mortgage rules, banks require lots of documentation to process and approve your application.

Whatever your  hard money financing or private mortgage situation,  rest assure that, we will provide you with professional advise on how to best cover your risks, discuss lending options, answer all your questions and provide you with a plan that will meet your financial needs and budget.

With hard money lending or a private mortgage, you don’t borrow from a bank. Instead, you borrow from investors or businesses. A second mortgage for example is a loan that lets you borrow against the value of your home. What's more, our private loans team will work hard to ensure that you pay less interest and fewer fees. Get the funds that you need today. We provide simple no stress approval to all with an in house mortgage service. 


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We Have Lots Of Options To Help You, Even If You Have:

  • Self Employed Income
  • Pension Income
  • Separation Buyout
  • Consumer Proposal
  • Power of Sale Now
  • Bankruptcy
  • Income Issues
  • Bad Credit Mortgages
  • High Risk Mortgage
  • Investment Properties Hard Money 
  • Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors
  • Income Issues Mortgages
  • Private Mortgages
  • Private 2nd Mortgage
  • Hard Money Financing
  • Construction Loans
  • Second Mortgages
  • Private Real Estate Lender
  • And much more

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When you’re on the hunt in Ontario for a low credit mortgage, hard money lender, 2nd mortgage or private mortgage lenders, making the right decision can be a much easier task when you have knowledge on the subject. There is a lot to learn and every person has different types of private mortgage loan solution that work for them. When it comes to something as important as a hard money private loan or a second mortgage – the safety net of protection that keeps you and your family safe is absolutely vital.

It’s not only important to get the best financing terms and lowest rate but also to make sure that your private mortgage agreement is well-documented and is tailored strategically to meet your financial needs. Unfortunately, finding the best private loan mortgage lenders in Ontario that works to offer you best rate and protect your interest isn’t always easy, especially with so many private mortgage lending companies around. it can be very difficult to manage everybody’s expectations, avoid surprises and complication down the road. 

As you consider your general residential hard money lenders, second mortgage or private financing loan needs, it is important to keep in mind how much funds you need to solve your problem once and for all. The costs to renegotiate your private mortgage agreement terms and conditions can quickly skyrocket. If this occurs, you will have to pay for extra costs out of your own pocket.  This may have devastating impacts to your personal or business finances.

At Private Lenders Ontario, our primary purpose is to give you peace of mind by providing the best private money based on your circumstance and financial needs. Over the years, we protect the assets of both individuals and businesses from Power of Sale, bankruptcy, debt consolidation from high interest loans etc . 

When you call our private lending mortgage team today,  we will not only take the time to understand your financial needs but rest assured that, our team will look for every possible discount we can offer to get the best rate for you.  Get the funds that you need today to solve your financial problem today. Complete form to contact us or call us now at 647.559.3848 for a free no obligation no cost private financing consultation.


Why Would I Need A Private Mortgage, Private Loan Or Hard Money

Financing In Ontario?

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What Kind Of Private Loan Financing, Second Mortgage, Hard Money

Loan Or Private Mortgage Do You Need Today?

Our residential and commercial private mortgage and hard money lending professionals offer a range of packages to suit a wide variety of borrowers financial needs. We understand that there is no such thing as ‘one agreement for everybody’,  every private financing quote and loan package that we provide gives you a great range of options to fit your particular financial requirements and at a price you can live with. We also understand that, your financial needs can change over time, when you call us our team will assess your situation and with 24 Hours provide you a quote that will meet your current needs and situation. So whether you’re a first time home buyer, real estate investors, home owner looking to renovate, protect your home from Power of Sale, we can help. Complete form to contact us or call us now at 647.559.3848 for a free no obligation no cost private lending consultation.


Why Use Private Lenders Ontario Team?

Get the best second mortgage, poor credit and hard money private mortgage rates and terms that will fit your financial life style and needs. Collectively, we have over 20 combined years’ experience helping individuals, real estate investor companies and businesses with the best private mortgage rates in Ontario. We understand that many families have a long list of financial obligations to meet on a daily basis. We start our relationship with this mind. At Private Lenders Ontario: 

  • We provide No cost No obligation free professional private money consultation to all
  • We will do all the work for you with your best interest in mind
  • We provide fast, secure, affordable and best private mortgage rates in Ontario ranging from 5%, 7%, 9% 10%, 12% etc.
  • Deal with professionals private mortgage loan experts not a call center
  • We have a big pool of private lenders ready to invest in any project
  • We live and work right here in Ontario and our team understand the local financial market very well
  • We provide expert, independent private mortgage advice to you so you can solve your financial issues permanently.
  • We will help you get low cost fast private mortgage loan with great agreement options to help you protect what you value most - your home and peace of mind.
  • By working with our professional mortgage loan team, we take the mystery and confusion out of private mortgages to help you make sense of it, so you can look forward to a brighter, more secure future.
  • We work hard to remove all the frustrations from your private mortgage shopping experience and make it easier for you to get the best rate and agreement Fast.
  • We can also help you with a custom-designed private mortgage loan today.
  • And many more...


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Great Low Rates And Hard Money Financing, Private 2nd Mortgage

Lending That Fits Your Needs And Life Style In Ontario

Shopping for home loan and private lenders online in Ontario is a great way to get general information and rough quotes from different money lenders providers, but there are drawbacks to this approach:

  • Time consuming: you will have to provide your personal information online to each private lending company you want to compare (…there are hundreds of these companies online)

  • Your Needs, it’s very difficult to tell exactly what you are getting in 3 to 5 minutes of comparing private mortgage rates online - your online quote may not match your private funds needs.

By working with our local private lender team in Ontario, you will have someone to work with you one on one, advise you on best approach and best way to proceed to minimize your risk and ultimate solve your financial situation quickly. This approach will help you save time, remove potential frustrations from your private mortgage lending shopping experience. Complete form to contact us or call us now at 647.559.3848 for a free no obligation no cost private lending consultation.


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